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Zent is an intuitive one-stop shop for crypto trading needs, retail and professional. Take advantage of our institutional-grade tools — and supercharge your results combining multiple assets and exchanges.
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Flexible, lightning-speed trading across CEXs
Statistics at a glance
Iron-clad security

All-in-One Suite For Your Crypto Goals

Connect one or more CEXs and level up any trading strategy with Zent’s hassle-free execution. We provide unmatched pace, security, and functionality 24/7, with detailed statistics at your fingertips.
Trade faster with better results
No more delays or slippage! Discover software used by professionals — powerful yet user-friendly. Enjoy order execution in just 2 msec across exchanges.
Explore rich trading analytics
Achieve more with our in-depth insights. Zent dissects your balances and trading history across all connected exchanges and assets in fine detail.
Protect funds and data
Trade with peace of mind. Zent provides multi-layer protection, connecting to exchanges via API. We never access your assets or credentials.
Automate effective strategies
Automate strategies by connecting to your preferred signal channels. Zent ensures smooth execution, saving you time and effort.
Trading tools for top exchanges. Advanced but simple to use.
Zent has everything you need for winning trades across cryptos, goals, and margins. Leverage our professional tools without moving your holdings — all you need is API keys.
Signal Integration
Add your preferred source of market insights — Zent will follow the signals you pick. Integrate your favorite Telegram channels quickly via Settings, specify execution preferences, and you're all set!

Fast and Intuitive, for any Market Conditions

One platform for all exchanges and tokens. Eliminate error with secure automated execution and human support 24/7. We use the data centers of popular CEXs to ensure lightning-speed response.
Intelligent automation
Get the prices you want every time. Orders go live at a price match — without delays or CEXs blocking your funds. When trading big, Order Rules make positions discreet to prevent slippage.
Signal integration
Elevate your experience with top-rated signals from trusted Telegram sources. Zent’s user-friendly integration unlocks the ease of automated, successful trades around the clock — no need for constant tracking or manual implementation.
Customizable notifications
Set up notifications for any platform event or critical changes, such as balance drops. Zent empowers users to take quick action that defines success in this volatile market.
Real-time analytics
Get live insights powered by robust infrastructure. Monitor all active and past transactions at a glance and streamline tax reporting with our quick export tools.
Institutional-grade security
You do not have to enter your crypto exchange credentials — Zent connects to platforms via API keys. We ensure 24/7 security on our end with 2FA and additional safeguards, regardless of the number of exchanges.
Order Rules
Harness the power of the Order Rules to centrally manage your trades across exchanges, setting automated execution for your investment strategies. Minimize effort and maximize efficiency, freeing up your time to strategize rather than micromanage transactions.
Order Rules ensure swift execution of trades via institutional-grade OEMS under the hood to keep you on top of the dynamic crypto marketplace. Concealed trade placement lets you achieve long-term goals without tying up funds or influencing market prices prematurely.
Statistics and Reporting
Track all positions, visualize net value and dynamics on flexible aids, prevent the impact of negative events, and more! Zent reflects realized and unrealized PNL across a spectrum of metrics in real time.
We enhance transparency for swift adjustments. Monitor used account balances for each asset with equivalents in BTC and USDT. Zent shows you exactly how much is available and locked in trades.
Zent security extends far beyond 2FA. Enjoy comprehensive 24/7 safeguards with flexible notifications and state-of-the-art data and fund protection for any number of exchanges.
20 USD/month. Free early-bird access for one month.
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