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Access Kraken's extensive trading services through — explore a secure, reliable platform renowned for its services catering to institutional needs and advanced traders.

Kraken Summary

Industry veteran
Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the first platforms to offer spot trading with margin, regulated derivatives, and index services.
Tech-Forward Trading
Integration with Bloomberg and TradingView underscores Kraken’s focus on cutting-edge trading solutions.
Trailblazer in Cryptocurrency Trading
Kraken prioritizes advanced trading features and security, leading in leveraged and regulated derivative offerings.
Stellar Security and Compliance
Layered security and compliance with FinCEN, FINTRAC, FCA, and other regulatory bodies illustrate Kraken’s trustworthy reputation.
Global Accessibility and Regulatory Insight
Worldwide Operational Reach
Serving 190+ countries with compliance to local regulations and restrictions in OFAC-sanctioned countries
FCA registration in Europe
Legal and secure operations in the EU backed by Dutch Central Bank registry

Institutional Services and Trading Options

Spot trading
Spot trading with deep liquidity via API or Kraken Pro
futures trading
Multi-collateral futures trading in some locations with fee rebates and a regulated MTF
digital asset custody
Qualified digital asset custody with MPC and HSM-based key storage and policy enforcement
Staking solutions with rewards for network validation
OTC for executing large orders with a single quote for orders over $100K
CF Benchmarks
Proprietary digital asset index provider CF Benchmarks
Historical data
Historical and real-time market data for backtesting and research
API integration
Streamlined access, including WebSockets, REST, FIX 4.4, and IP whitelisting
Future features
Subaccounts for separate trading and management of multiple strategies (coming in 2024)
Competitive and Adaptive Fee Structure
Encouraging Market Makers
Attractive volume-based fee incentives, structured for competitive marketplace engagement.
Upholding Highest Security Standards
Kraken's comprehensive security approach safeguards cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and user data. It offers proof of reserves, robust banking relationships, and high legal compliance standards, reflected in the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC 2, Type 1 certifications.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Withdrawal confirmation by email
  • Customizable account timeout
  • Customizable API key permissions
  • Global Settings Lock
  • PGP encryption

Streamlined Institutional Account Registration

Getting started with Kraken Institutional is simple.
  • 01
    Complete a corresponding website form, specifying the company name, country of business, your full name and email address, the type of business, and the size of assets under management.
  • 02
    Confirm your agreement to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click "Send."
  • 03
    Wait for a response from a member of the Kraken institutional team.
Dedicated Customer Support
Key Insights for Institutional Users
Kraken is a popular crypto trading destination for institutions ranging from trading firms to advisors. Aside from attractive fees, it boasts deep liquidity, a rich choice of trading instruments, qualified custody, and other trusted and easily integratable solutions. However, legal clashes with the SEC have limited its services for US-based clients.
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