Safeguarding Funds and Data on All Fronts

Security is a top priority for any institution. With Zent, you can connect as many users and accounts as you want, while keeping any action tracked! We provide robust multi-layer protection of funds and data 24/7.
Full 30-day access to all features
Fine-tuned permissions and limits
Comprehensive roles with quick reassignment
Logging every action for granular monitoring
Secure api connection to exchanges

End-to-end Protection

Customizable access rights
Customize permissions at the user and API key level using role-based distribution secured by 2FA with YubiKey/TOTP.
Unlimited key/account pairs
Connect API keys securely to maintain full control, so any data shared with third-party exchanges stays there.
Customizable notifications
Set alerts about specific events as dedicated channels in Telegram and Slack.
Invitational links
Invite new users through secure links generated via the platform.
Move funds securely between sections and exchanges via API, without full access to the account. Transfers are allowed for a predetermined list of roles, with withdrawals limited to WhiteList wallets. Dual signatures for each transaction add yet another layer of protection.

Multi-user Mode

Boost accountability and the security of trading when multiple users are involved. Maximize transparency for all team members with our Multi-user mode!
Flexible permissions
Customize rights and limits for specific users and APIs.
Adjustable visibility and rights
Decide who can view balances, place orders, or transfer funds!
Comprehensive role model
Viewer, Trader, and Supervisor roles
History at a glance
View logs of each user's activity.
Instant performance insights
Monitor real-time statistics for each user.
With its diverse capabilities, from agile order placement to granular permissions, Zent is a one-stop shop for institutional trading. In this video, Product Owner Michael Sapenyuk walks you through the features solving the challenges of the crypto market for funds, token issuers, and traders.
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