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Achieve more with your crypto in a versatile environment for all market conditions and trading needs. Discover intuitive tools for agile order setting, and automate strategies with ease. Managing holdings across exchanges is challenging — unless you use Zent!
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Workspace (Corporate)
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Order Rules
Free up time to strategize instead of micromanaging transactions. Zent lets you program trades across exchanges from one place with minimized effort, maximized efficiency, and concealed placement.
Fine-tune and speed up automated execution for any goals, eliminating slippage. Our institutional-grade OEMS will keep you on top of the dynamic crypto market, while institutions avoid tying up funds and influencing market prices.
Multi-Layer Security
As we connect to CEXs through API, Zent will never access your credentials or other sensitive details shared elsewhere. We offer state-of-the-art data and fund protection for any number of exchanges, with 2FA and additional safeguards for corporate users.
Institutions may set black and white lists with assets and pairs allowed for purchase and/or sale, for each team or the entire workspace.
Workspace (Corporate users)
Invite members, manage accounts, and effortlessly assign Trader, Viewer, and Supervisor roles. Owners can add, delete, and deactivate users and set team permissions using black and white lists.
Easily monitor performance, reassign members or accounts, pause activity, and edit details, all within a unified dashboard.
Signal Integration
Add your preferred source of market insights — Zent will follow the signals you pick. Integrate your favorite Telegram channels quickly via Settings, specify execution preferences, and you're all set!
Zent is a seamless fusion of automation and human expertise, maximizing freedom in mastering liquidity. Explore your opportunities today – for free.
Detailed visibility of holdings provides complete transparency for quick action. Monitor used balances for all or specific accounts — including locked amounts for each asset with equivalents in BTC and USDT.
No more delays due to funds stuck in active orders – Zent shows you exactly how much is available and locked in trades. Institutions enjoy well-calibrated transparency aligned with their team structure and user roles.
Historical Data
Check all Order Rules, orders, and trades in one place. Look at the big picture or zoom in, making it detailed or concise. Zent lets you filter by asset, exchange, date, or status.
Copy any Order Rule in one click to reapply and edit if necessary — all data is easy to find, save, and replicate. Institutions can focus on teams and accounts and quickly export data to CSV to simplify accounting.
Futures Positions
Track all active futures positions on all connected exchanges from a single interface. Adjust the detailing to your liking, from asset pair to the PNL format — coin or %.
Zent lets you trade spot and margin, futures and perpetuals, pinning important positions. Track average and mark prices to detect losing positions immediately. Close them in a fraction of a second — with just one click.
Set multi-channel notifications for important events, from logins/logouts to order creation to critical balance drops. Zent will keep you up-to-date 24/7.
You can assign a Telegram, email, or Slack notification for any event in the activity log, selecting specific exchanges. Zent will notify you of exchange maintenance, order competition, and more!
Statistics & Reporting
Track all active and closed positions — profitable or not, long and short. Smart filtering simplifies zooming in on assets and exchanges, while institutions can also pick teams and accounts.
The RPL/UPL chart makes dynamics easy to read. Explore average, maximum, and consecutive trade results with fine details like the Sharpe, Sortino, Calmar, and Risk/Reward ratios.
View the net value of all or specific assets with visualized exposure. Monitor asset balances and distributions and take quick action to protect them from the impact of negative news.
Zent plots balance dynamics on customizable graphs — from 4 hours to years. Filter by asset or exchange, and click on any token to view detailed distribution with amounts and percentages. Easy CSV export streamlines reporting and compliance.
In crypto trading, multilayered security is a non-negotiable. Our platform keeps your funds and data protected 24/7 across all exchanges and accounts. Discover six reasons why Zent is the solution you seek, described in depth by CEO Ilia Stadnik and Product Owner Michael Sapenyuk.
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