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Explore the institutional capabilities of the world's leading cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance. Offering deep liquidity and competitive fees, Binance is a premier choice for sophisticated traders engaging in both spot and futures markets.

Binance Overview

Binance for Institutions
Founded in China in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Binance caters to a wide institutional audience.
Global Cryptocurrency Trading
Initially established in China, Binance strategically relocated to Japan and Malta, embracing a decentralized corporate structure without formal headquarters.
Binance.US Access
Speciallyfor American crypto traders, Binance.US operates under local regulatory compliance with BAM Trading Services since 2019.
Legal controversies
Legal issues, including Paxos' token minting halt and the SEC's lawsuit against Binance.US, have led to a $4.3 billion fine and CEO CZ's resignation.
Countries of Operation
Worldwide Cryptocurrency Trading Exposure
100+ countries
Binance operates in over 100 countries, offering tailored access and services in different regions subject to regulatory compliance.
US-based users can access Binance.US, which complies with local regulations.
In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned Binance's regulated activities, prompting service suspension in October 2023.
new crypto promotion rule
Binance is working to comply with the UK's new crypto promotion rule, mandating registration with the FCA or approval by an authorized third party.
Array of Cryptocurrencies Available on Binance
  • Fiat and Crypto Trading on Binance
    Supports transactions with major fiat currencies such as EUR, GBP, and AUD through various trading pairs
  • Diverse Cryptocurrency Offering
    Boasts an extensive portfolio of over 350 cryptocurrencies on a global level

Comprehensive Institutional Products and Binance OTC Solutions

Binance OTC Trading
Binance provides tailored block trade solutions, secure and prompt settlement, and competitive pricing for institutions.
Binance Custodial Services
Third-party digital asset custody by Ceffu offers institutional-grade security and integrated liquidity solutions.
Binance API Integration
The Binance Link Program empowers businesses to utilize Binance's advanced technology, with the benefit of earning commission on trading activities.
Enhancing Trading Liquidity on Binance
The Liquidity Program rewards institutions with maker fee discounts and rebates for contributing to market depth.
Exclusive Binance VIP Portal
Binance features an OTC trading platform, sub-accounts, advanced rate limit management, comprehensive report center, etc.
Binance Fee Structure: Optimized for High-volume Trading
Competitive Trading Fees
Binance fees are among the lowest in the industry, operating on a maker/taker model and rewarding high-volume traders and Binance Coin (BNB) holders with even more significant cost reductions.
Proactive Security Measures for Safeguarding Cryptocurrency Investments
Binance's security protocols include a comprehensive security suite featuring two-factor authentication (2FA), whitelist management for crypto withdrawals, and rigorous device and access control.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Device management
  • Whitelisting of crypto addresses
  • Restrictions on device access

Step-by-Step Guide to Opening an Institutional Binance Account

Registering entity accounts with Binance involves a straightforward onboarding process coupled with rigorous verification procedures to ensure the security and compliance of institutional accounts.
  • 01
    Click the "Sign Up" button on the home page, followed by "Sign Up With Email or Phone" and "Sign up for an entity account."
  • 02
    Enter your entity's name and email address, and confirm agreement to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • 03
    Click "Next" and enter the verification code sent to your email.
  • 04
    Create a password, enter a referral ID if available, and specify if you want to stay logged in.
  • 05
    Upon clicking "Verify," a four-stage verification process commences, covering basic details, related parties, document uploading, and fiat enablement (if required).
Dedicated Binance Customer Support for Professional Traders
Key Insights for Crypto Traders on Binance
Optimal Liquidity and Trading Volume
Binance stands out with its liquidity, particularly outside the US, structure, while the security and comprehensive institutional offerings.
Enhanced Trading Experience with Low Fees
Traders enjoy the advantage of Binance's low fee structure, although security measures meet industry standards.
Navigating Crypto Regulations with Binance
Despite the regulatory challenges, including a $4.3 billion settlement with the US Justice Department, Binance continues to seek ways to comply with emerging crypto promotion rules.
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