Crypto Order Execution Management Platform

Zent is the ultimate tool tailored to institutional teams and trading volumes. Discover an order execution management solution for all corporate needs.
Full 30-day access to all features
Members of the Association
No fund blocking on exchanges
Flexible, lightning-speed trading across exchanges
Statistics at a glance

Ramp up your trading game

Manage your assets flawlessly. Achieve more with unmatched pace, security, and functionality, regardless of the number of users and accounts.
Flexible and High-speed
Discover powerful software for agile trading across exchanges and order execution in just 2 msec.
Secure and Customizable
Provide your team with multi-layer protection for data and assets and customizable access rights.
Minimizing Market Impact
Enter and exit institutional-grade positions without worrying about causing significant price swings.
Enriched with 24/7 Statistics
Easily access in-depth analytics across crypto exchanges and accounts to track margins and PNL.
Statistics & Reporting
Monitor the performance of all assets, accounts and positions with laser precision! Zent dissects your portfolio with realized and unrealized PNL across a broad range of metrics, in real time.
Zent has everything you need to secure winning trades and manage teams across assets, goals, and margins. Leverage our array of market tools without moving your assets — we connect to top crypto exchanges, and only do so via API.

All-in-one yet intuitive. For any market conditions.

One platform for all exchanges, assets, and accounts. Eliminate error with secure automated execution and human support 24/7.
Order Rules
With a few clicks, large positions are broken down into chunks — customize your trading quickly and easily! With Zent, you will secure faster execution, better prices, and minimized impact.
Intelligent Crypto Automation
Zent takes order execution to the next level. Orders go live when there is a price match — without your funds getting blocked at the chosen exchange.
Real-Time Analytics and Compliance
Our live insights are powered by robust infrastructure. Monitor all user logs at a glance instead of juggling multiple exchanges, and streamline compliance with our reporting tools.
Security & Permissions
Interaction with exchanges through API keys keeps assets and data secure — regardless of the number of users. Customize permissions for teams, members, assets, and asset pairs.
Order Rules
Move institutional volumes with speed and peace of mind – no need to worry about swaying the prices! No more limit orders sitting in the order book for everyone to see. Yours will only go live at a price match.
Dividing large orders ensures smoother execution, minimized slippage, and better prices across exchanges. With Zent, you can even customize millisecond intervals between the chunks!
Security and Permissions
Institutional security goes much further than 2FA! Zent offers state-of-the-art data and fund protection for any number of connected accounts and APIs.
Set black and white lists with assets and pairs allowed for purchase and/or sale, for each team or the entire workspace.
Invite members, manage accounts, and assign trader, viewer, and supervisor roles effortlessly. Owners have the ability to add, delete, and deactivate users, setting team permissions using black and white lists. Easily monitor performance, reassign members or accounts, pause activity, and edit details, all within a unified dashboard.
Want to learn more about Zent's strengths? Get details directly from our co-founders — CEO Ilia Stadnik and Product Owner Michael Sapenyuk. This video presents our holistic vision and a summary of Zent's unique facets, from innovative Order Rules to flexible workspace permissions.
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