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At Zent, we are committed to constant innovation and improvement, and our roadmap reflects that drive. Discover the strategic initiatives and features that will enhance your experience moving forward, transforming the way you interact with digital assets.
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Q1 2024

Hedging Order Rules
Our incredibly flexible Order Rules will include counter-actions to protect against potential losses.
Workspace Improvements
Workspaces will be enriched with a sophisticated permission, access, and role management system and advanced filtering. This upgrade will ensure more tailored and efficient user experience, navigation, and workspace control.
New Exchanges
ByBit, OKX, and CoinBase.

Q2 2024

Self-Service Market Making
By setting their own buy and sell prices for assets, users will actively participate in the market, providing liquidity and facilitating smoother, more efficient trading. By giving them more control and potentially reducing trading costs, this tool will democratize market making, which is dominated by specialized firms.
2FA via Passkey/YubiKey
An extra layer of account protection will require the user to possess a physical key and connect it to their device in addition to entering their password. Security will be enhanced: even if a user’s password is compromised, a malicious actor still needs their physical key for access.
Launch of API
API integration will enable clients to seamlessly incorporate our superior order execution architecture into their native systems. Thereby, they will harness the full range of its capabilities while maintaining the familiarity and convenience of their existing workflow.
Launch of Mobile App
Enabling users to access Zent on the go will bring them closer to our product, allowing them to work from both desktop and mobile devices.
Portfolio Rebalancing
Seamless transfers between exchange accounts will ensure that clients’ assets are strategically positioned to capture market opportunities while meeting their risk profile.
Whitelisting/Blacklisting Rules for Assets
An added customization layer will enable granular permissions, letting clients make specific assets and trading pairs available to individual users and groups. Whitelisting/Blacklisting will empower them to tailor the trading experience to their unique needs and security requirements.
New Exchanges
BitGet, KuCoin, and Huobi.

Q3 2024

Multichain Features
Seamless integration of non-custodial wallets across networks will improve interoperability, enhancing clients’ control over their assets. Their experience will become more cohesive and user-friendly through asset management and transactions across blockchains, all from a single wallet interface.
Non-custodial Wallets Analytics
The Statistics section will provide new valuable insights through aggregated wallet balances. This upgrade takes transparency to another level: users will monitor their assets and portfolio performance across networks from one convenient location.
Smart Order Routing
Automatically placing orders on the exchange with the best price will further optimize trading. Users will be guaranteed to secure the most favorable rates for their buy or sell transactions. This intelligent feature is a streamlined and cost-effective solution for maximizing returns.
New Exchanges
Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Deribit.

Q4 2024

Non-custodial Staking
Users will earn rewards by participating in network security and consensus mechanisms while retaining full custody and control of their assets directly from their accounts. This secure way to generate returns will also ensure clients’ complete access and authority over their staked holdings at all times.
New Order Types
Stop Loss (SL), Take Profit (TP), and other order types will enhance trading strategies, letting users set predefined levels for closing positions to minimize losses or lock in profits. This will increase precision and control for more effective risk management and capitalization on market opportunities.
Graphs and Graph Trading
Integration of charts like TradingView with the opportunity to place orders directly on graphs will significantly enhance the trading experience. These comprehensive analytical tools for informed decisions will streamline trading, allowing for more efficient and effective order execution.

Q1 2025

Strategy Import
Users will be able to Import their trading strategies through a code editor and test them via Trading TestNets/Backtester.
Liquidity Pool Services for Exchanges
These fixed-rate exchange services will come with subsequent rebalancing across multiple platforms for large volumes.
Credit Lines
Zent will empower its users to amplify trading positions and manage short-term liquidity needs. They will be able to leverage their assets by accessing a credit line, borrowing liquidity at a predetermined interest rate.
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