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Save time implementing your strategies and adjust execution logic on the fly. Order Rules and smart routing ensure unprecedented flexibility.
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For retail traders
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For retail traders
Maximize market opportunities with our intelligent automation for trading across crypto exchanges. Save time and effort while combining multiple liquidity sources, integrate your preferred signals, and manage the execution logic on the fly.
Zent can supercharge any retail strategy, helping you avoid slippage and delays. Take advantage of institutional-grade security and trading tools, powerful yet user-friendly!
For token issuers and crypto projects
On Zent, cryptocurrency projects support and accelerate success. Forget the common setbacks — monitor and adjust your crypto liquidity quickly and with minimal effort.
Managing proprietary tokens is easy – even across exchanges. Execute asset management strategies with laser precision using our innovative tools, including flexible Order Rules!
For crypto and conventional funds
Scale or diversify operations quickly using one universal platform, in full alignment with your company's risk criteria. Using Zent, funds make the most of assets under management across major exchanges, with all the necessary safeguards.
Enter the crypto market with ease. Assemble, reshuffle, and track portfolios with confidence – we pride ourselves on reliable execution. Detailed historical data, in-depth statistics, and superior order processing allow teams to manage capital in a highly efficient and customizable way.
For traders
Users can buy and sell digital assets smoothly across liquidity venues, without the typical impediments of large-volume trades. Zent's unique Order Rules split amounts into manageable chunks to speed up execution and minimize market impact.
The workspace environment lets you fine-tune permissions with swift role management. Monitor and compare traders' performance with detailed stats for each member and team. Adjust visibility at a click – while arming your staff with all the right tools for amplified returns.
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