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Top 10 corporate Bitcoin holders in 2024

The launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs and recent accounting changes have spurred corporate interest in crypto. More and more firms keep BTC on balance sheets — discover the top ten owners in this guide.

Will pension funds embrace Bitcoin ETFs?

As spot Bitcoin ETFs go global, more entities explore indirect cryptocurrency exposure, consulting with giants like BlackRock. Pension funds have cast their eyes on ETFs, and their entry could mark a watershed moment.

Spot crypto ETFs: What's next after Hong Kong debut?

US spot Bitcoin ETFs, launched after a decade of rejections, deepen crypto’s penetration into the mainstream. Other jurisdictions have followed suit — here's the lowdown on these new products.

Crypto exchanges on Zent: OKX

The OKX CEX boasts 50 million registered users and an impressive institutional suite. With deep liquidity and maker fees close to 0%, it has a lot to offer. Here's what professional traders should know.

Crypto exchanges on Zent: Bitget

Bitget, a popular CEX and the world's biggest crypto copy trading platform, serves 20+ million users. Discover its one-stop solution for institutions with low fees and proof of reserves.

Real-world assets (RWAs): New institutional frontier

Real-world assets are diverse tangible and intangible resources brought on-chain. BlackRock's RWA fund has set the stage for explosive growth — explore the essentials of tokenization in our guide.

Shadow ledger: Stealth trading with iceberg orders

Iceberg orders aim to minimize slippage and delays, removing the ramifications of institutional market impact. Yet this order type is imperfect, and some drawbacks defeat its purpose. Discover Zent's superior alternative.

Zent Futures is live

Zent's Futures section is up and running! Leverage crypto derivatives across popular exchanges with unrivaled flexibility, convenience, and speed, while saving on trading fees. 

Crypto exchanges on Zent: Kraken

Kraken, one of the oldest and leading crypto exchanges, meets corporate needs with competitive fees and a diverse spectrum of assets and services. Here's an introduction to Kraken Institutional.

Crypto exchanges on Zent: Gate.io

With 14+ million registered users, Gate.io is a globally recognized crypto exchange with varied institutional services, although its security record is not immaculate. Learn more in Zent's overview.