API for Zent Trading Platform

Connect and synchronize your trading strategies
with high-performance infrastructure.
Full 30-day access to all features
Direct integration with in-house systems
Real-time execution and monitoring
Enhanced security and customization options

Advantages of Zent API

Enhance trading leverage using scalable API solutions with Zent, enabling sophisticated trading mechanisms. Optimize portfolio management efficiency through direct API strategies.
High-speed order execution
Discover flexible, unhindered, and lightning-fast trading across exchanges with execution in 2 msec.
Real-time analytics
Comprehensive real-time analytics for informed decision-making.
Seamless API connections
Seamless API connections maintain data integrity across platforms.
Detailed reporting
Streamlined compliance with detailed trade and account reporting.
Product Integration
Integrate Zent API with internal systems for streamlined trade operations.
Synchronize multiple exchanges and accounts with ease.
Customize trading logic while maintaining system coherence.
Automate transactional processes to reduce errors and latency.

Practical Advantages for Your Company Type

Trading Companies
Perform rapid-fire trades without tying up capital on exchanges. Automate and expedite large-volume trades while maintaining market stealth.
Funds and Hedge Funds
Implement strategic hedging on futures to secure desired asset pricing with precision and agility. Capitalize on Zent's ability to minimize market impact, safeguarding market positions and price integrity.
Institutional Clients
Manage sizeable trade volumes while mitigating market impact and preserving asset value. Leverage Zent's rapid execution to capitalize on market opportunities instantly. Our's well-architected API stands ready to propel trading firms, funds, exchanges, and institutions into the future of future of asset management, offering bespoke benefits for each.

Core Functionality

Intuitive Design
Discover user-friendly design that meets professional trading requirements.
Powerful trading features
Access a powerful suite of trading functionalities to drive your business's growth.
Simple Trading
Navigate trading venues with ease, unencumbered by blocked funds, and ensure capital is ready when opportunities arise.
High-speed Trading
Trade at the speed of light, reducing the time spent for order execution, and improve your potential outcomes.
Smart Trading
Execute trades while smartly mitigating your market footprint and preserving favorable market conditions.
Futures hedging strategies
Use futures hedging strategies to lock in pricing, affording proactive cost management and profit maximization.
Uncompromised Security in Every Interaction: Zent ensures the highest level of protection for your digital assets through state-of-the-art encryption and protocol adherence.
Military-grade encryption for API keys and sensitive data
Multi-factor authentication and customizable user access
Continuous monitoring and logging of user actions for transparency and accountability
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