Zent Futures is live

We're excited to announce the launch of the Futures section! Zent users can leverage derivatives across exchanges with unrivaled flexibility, convenience, and speed, while saving on trading fees.

Simply add API keys from your futures accounts, and you're ready to go. Futures positions engage the same functionality as our spot tools, including Zent's unique Order Rules. 

Level up your trading with Zent Futures

Zent Futures empowers institutions to maximize trading results: 

  • Boost your trading power. Access leverage and diversify portfolios indirectly, without buying or holding actual crypto to take advantage of price volatility.
  • Monitor all active futures positions at a glance. Zent Statistics reflects P&L (coin and percentage), tracks average and mark prices, and more — across exchanges, with as much detail as needed.
  • Make quick corrections to safeguard portfolios on the fly. Detect losing positions easily, close them with one click, and pin crucial data, so it always stays within sight.
  • Hedge risks and maximize capital efficiency without market impact. Order Rules ensure you get the desired price every time, on futures and spot, with superior liquidity in a more cost-efficient way. 

Why Zent? 

Zent.pro is the ultimate institutional platform with a holistic vision and cutting-edge features for agile asset management. We offer the whole package tailored to corporate needs, from trading to compliance support:

  • All-in-one workspace. Flexible permissions, actionable insights from real-time analytics, and smooth scaling with peace of mind for teams of all sizes.
  • Intuitive dashboard for employers. Detailed visibility, quick adjustments, and complete control over user roles, teams, assets, and exchange accounts.
  • Lightning-speed trading. Minimized latency ensured by strategically positioned infrastructure. 
  • Minimized market impact. No slippage or delays when using Zent's exclusive Order Rules. 
  • Institutional-grade security. Reliable API, 2FA with additional safeguards like YubiKey, black and white lists, and swift role management with flexible notifications. 
  • Enhanced statistics and analytics. Comprehensive, in-depth monitoring of team and asset performance with a wide range of metrics in real time and retrospect. 
  • Streamlined compliance. Data export to CSV in one click — across exchanges and accounts — to simplify reporting and compliance in any jurisdiction.

Take a closer look

The Futures section enhances the Zent experience for all users: professional traders, funds, and crypto projects. Learn more on our Features page, and contact us to explore a free Zent demo!